Well it’s been a while since I updated here, mainly because how many times can you write about how training is going, but now the final countdown has started with the big event being less than a week away.

I’m pretty happy with the training I’ve done, although I’m now wishing I’d done more as the thought of the combined distance and total ascent is freaking me out a bit. I recently did a couple of rides in East Sussex for a bit of a scenery change and to add more climbing into the rides. I’m glad I did as it did remind me that I’ll need to hold back a bit on the early climbs as I started to fade towards the end of the second ride and it was only 50mile, although almost double what I usually climb locally.

Gary and I also did the 70mile London Phoenix Easter sportive as another test event on Easter Monday which again highlighted a few things, notably the need for rest leading up to, and proper fuelling during the event. I was still suffering from a bit of jet lag from the 9.5hr flight home from Jamaica 4 days before and my stomach was also all over the place. Bizarrely, I’m usually guaranteed to suffer the two bobs at some point during a trip abroad, however, I was fine the whole time out there. It wasn’t until I got home that I had issues. This meant I’d not eaten enough before the ride, and didn’t really eat enough during, coupled with not really having had a decent nights kip since we got back left me suffering for the last 15 miles or so. It didn’t help that this was around the point that Gary mentioned he knew where we were, it’s amazing how different places look when you’re riding rather than driving, and that he was pretty sure it was quite hilly. He was right.

I also had plans for the last weekend before the London Revolution that didn’t quite work out. Firstly, my wife Emma was spending the weekend with her friend in Brussels, so after I dropped her at Ebbsfleet International for the Eurostar I was to head to Tonbridge Castle to do a 50 mile circular route taking in Hever and Scotney castles before returning to Tonbridge. It would also serve as a navigation test of the new Wahoo Elemnt Bolt GPS that I’ve replaced my Garmin unit with. Too many glitches and firmware issues had my swearing at the Garmin far too often so I’ve given it the elbow. Fortunately it sold for more than I paid for it’s, so far very impressive, replacement. Anyway back to the mini tour of the Garden of England. When One spends hours planning a route, and then spending a reasonable amount of time getting to the planned start point, One would do well to not leave One’s cycling shoes at home. Hmmmmmm. Thus the Kent castle tour became the Southend Seafront loop. Shame really as it was far colder and windier in Essex than it was just over the Estuary. On the plus side, I had mechanical issues that meant I had to cut the ride short which although not major, was still better to have closer to home.

Sunday went more to plan, with a group ride out to Tollesbury, to a funny little tea room that plays old vinyl on an original all in one record player. It’s a quirky place that I can see being an acquired taste. I thought it was great. The bacon roll, the metric that all cafe/tearooms are judged, was fantastic. The secondary, and used as a tiebreaker, judgement point of cakes, also looked fine. 58 miles was a decent distance and I still felt pretty strong after, although with only 2.5k ft of climbing I’m not becoming overconfident.

I’m planning an easy week leading up to Saturday, with maybe a gentle ride up and down the seafront a couple of times on Wednesday. Let the carb loading commence ? T-minus 5 days till the weekend circumnavigating London. Nervous much?